Meet the Team!

   Through our unique style of presentation, we aim to
inspire audiences to lead healthy lives by:

 Teaching the fascinating nature of animals
 Enhancing character development in youth
Promoting environmental stewardship



Valerie Garcia


Valerie is a graduate of Towson University with a BS degree in Early Childhood Education. She began her career in outdoor education with the Maryland DNR program Scales and Tales in 1987. It was here that Valerie discovered the magic of educating with live animals. 
In 1999, Wildlife Adventures began with a few animal ambassadors visting a few birthday parties. Now Valerie leads Wildlife Adventures to reach 25,000+ every year!



Barb Henschel 


Barb’s gentle nature makes her naturally appealing to children. She has a knack for storytelling and keeping audiences completely engaged. With her camera always in tow, she is a pro at capturing everyone’s “wild” side as she photographs Wildlife Adventures in action. 
Barb recently graduated from Towson University with degree in Family and Human Services- Child Life, and she continues to move forward in her journey of becoming a Child Life Specialist.



 Katie Sorano 

Katie has a love for nature and the outdoors. She is an avid birder and hopes the see the elusive Cuckoo in the wild someday soon. Before joining the Wildlife Team, Katie worked as a naturalist for seven years working for Eden Mill and DNR's Scales and Tales program. Her fun and energetic attitude keeps programs interesting and exciting. Katie's wildlife knowledge base is amazing. If you need to know wildlife facts, just ask Katie!
Katie began her environmental stewardship education from her years as a Girl Scout of Central Maryland, where she received her Gold Award. Katie graduated from Shepherd Universtiy in 2010 with a degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Resource Management.



 April Moscati

April has been volunteering with Wildlife Adventures since she was nine years old and started working with the program in 2010. April has a gentle spirit and a heart for educating young children. You may see her conducting some of our unique Christian programs. April is attending Towson University and is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Special Education.



Zach Schumm 

 zack wtarantula

Zach has a very unique love for animals that started when he was a young boy. He enjoys all wildlife, but has a special love of insects and spiders! He has collected insects since the age of 8, and his collection consists of over 400 preserved insects, as well as over 30 live insects of all sorts. His unique personality brings about a learning experience that people of all ages enjoy and remember for years to come.
Zach is majoring in Entomology and Wildlife Conservation at the University of Delaware.  



Joshua Moscati 

Josh has been volunteering since he was only nine years old. His leadership skills and easy going nature makes his presentations a great balance of education and fun. Josh is now going away to college but may still be seen conducting birthday parties, fairs and festivals. 



 Ethan Bergquist


Ethan grew up with Wildlife Adventures through our After-school Camp offerings. He is now a high school senior in Culinary Arts. Ethan is very energetic and deticaed in his work. As one of our newest employees, you may find him at our large displays, assisting with programs and at camp.



Nicholas Moscati  

Nick has been volunteering with Wildlife Adventures since the age of seven. As a new employee, you may see Nick working at our large displays, assisting with programs or as a camp counselor wading through the stream with a crew of kids in tow.   



Cassandra Garcia


Cassie has grown up working with Wildlife Adventures. She is now officially working at programs, camps and fairs learning the ropes. Cassie will be attending high school Fall 2014!      




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