Wildlife Adventures

Preschool & Day Care




Fee Range is $220 - $400 depending on distance from 21084.


Animals on Parade 

Ages 2-6 yrs           45 minutes   

Can be divided into two 30 minute shows for an added fee.

An exploration of animal color, sounds, and movements.   Children learn animal facts and age appropriate messages for growing up big and strong!  Participation is encouraged through play, original songs and touching.


Animal Krackers

Ages 2-4 years          35- 40 minutes

Unique props help audience volunteers as they step into the shoes of different animals.  Coats, hats and tails make this program come alive!


The Animal Fair

Ages 2-4 years          60 minutes (divided into 4 shows of 15 minutes each)

The tiny zoo that comes to you!  4-5 animals are set-up in stations inside your school or out!  Small groups are led on a guided “tour” to learn simple facts, watch the animals interact and do a bit of touching. 



Wildlife Adventures

(410) 692-9299    (800) 584-1340

PO Box 542, Jarrettsville, MD 21084