Wildlife Adventures

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Camp Lizard Handlers 


Growing Up Green

Elementary/Middle          40 minutes

An exciting program that explores how our actions affect wildlife and the natural world. The three R’s are discussed throughout with an emphasis on the fourth R, Rethink! Children are challenged to think like a scientist to solve real life environmental problems. 


Wildlife on The Edge

Elementary 3rd-5th /Middle          45 minutes

Students explore animal adaptations and issues facing animal species all over the world. The economics of wildlife is discussed. Students learn specific ways to be a positive partner for environmental stewardship.


The Treasures of Wildlife   

Elementary K-5th          45 minutes

This program links the animals with positive character skills. Teachers will love the spider when her message is orderliness and the snake who teaches about self-control. This program can be customized to fit individual school needs.


 Wild Tales

Elementary K-5th          45 minutes

Literature based program that explores the who, what, and why of storytelling. Rich tales delight children and promote literacy. A few stories told are authored by children. A flock of story starter ideas!


 WILD-Life Over the Edge

Grades 6-12th          45 minutes

Live animals are used as a starting point for an in-depth discussion of issues currently affecting wildlife and our planet. Careers with animals is discussed.


 Wildlife Hero Club

Elementary Afterschool          1-2 hours

Program series, 6 weeks Live animals, crafts, hikes and games make this themed program a favorite. Choose one or our themes or we will work with you to design one to fit your group. Ask about our successful Wild Tales Young Authors experience. 





Wildlife Adventures

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