Welcome to Wildlife Adventures!

Bringing the Wild to Life!

Welcome to Wildlife Adventures!

Bringing the Wild to Life!

Welcome to Wildlife Adventures!

Bringing the Wild to Life!

Wildlife Adventures is an educational outreach program dedicated to reaching audiences with environmental messages while providing a memorable and enriching experience for children of all ages


Wildlife Adventures offers authentic programs crafted by professional, degreed wildlife educators. 

Through our unique style of presentation...

Wildlife Adventures strives to inspire audiences to lead healthy, balanced lives that are in-tune with their surroundings by teaching the wonderful and fascinating nature of animals and environmental stewardship.  

Instilling the basics of character and compassion for wildlife...

Our programs build integrity of self which goes hand in hand with respect for others.  Our core values of Respect, Education, Conservation, Joy and Inspiration are the foundation we seek to build on with every presentation and camp experience. Put simply; animals are an incredible source of fun and education that we harness in everything we do. 

Virtual Events

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What We Do


As we foster active involvement through the lens of respect for wildlife, we forge respect and relationships with each other, building on a foundation of shared benefit and mutual trust. 


We will present programs, developed by professional degreed educators, to teach about wildlife in an appropriate manner tailored for each audience. 


With a strong creative spirit, we will foster natural curiosity to develop and craft engaging solutions to complex conservation problems, on a level that all members of our audience can relate to. 


As the key core value that opens the door to respect, education, conservation and inspiration, joy builds a life of compassion and dedication for the greater world around us. 


Endeavoring to affect and guide our audience to motivation through inspiration with wildlife, we will continually work to heighten natural curiosity of wildlife and its importance in daily life.

Adventures / Services

What Wildlife Adventure Will You Have?

UnWrap, UnRoll & UnWind

Our most hands-on program designed for special needs groups, senior centers and college finals celebrations.  We bring out our softest cutest animals for this stress relieving programs. Participants get lots of one on one time while learning about the animals.

Birthday Parties

We bring the animals to your home or venue any time of the year.  Children get to touch and hold animals during this lively event. Your child is the star with their favorite available animals and a special gift from Wildlife Adventures.


We can bring a camp to your neighborhood or existing camp for a week of animals, unique crafts and games that will educate and entertain all ages, bring campers back year after year.

Church Groups

Great for Awanas, VBS, Rally Day, Blessing of the Animals, Sabbat, and other special events.  Our programs match the animals with the spiritual themes to provide direction and inspiration.  We will gladly customize the program for your group.

Festivals & The Corporate Jungle

Working with you to bring your event to life, this casual program encourages touching and holding of each animal by everyone daring enough!  Add in the FACE YOUR FEARS photo favors to capture the fun.

Out & About: Public Spaces

Are you looking to increase attendance at your next event?  An animal display is the magic way to keep the kids happy and the parents in a generous mood.  We can provide an interactive animal display indoors & out!


Specialized programs for preschool, school age and teens designed to meet your curriculum needs.  Some of our programs include:

  • WILDLIFE ON THE EDGE, Working with animal research projects
  • GROWING UP GREEN, Working toward green school initiatives
  • WILD TALES, Boosting reading and writing skills
  • ENRICHMENT, A rewarding experience during or after school programs we have a program to fit your needs
  • TREASURES OF WILDLIFE, Character Education
  • LIVING WILD, STEM initiatives are met with our new field research series

Youth Programs

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, let us assist your entertainment needs for dinners, group meetings, summer camps, and special events with our animal favorites. Our basic programs will help your Scouts meet badge requirements.

Wildlife Guides

Valerie Garcia

Dedicated to Inspiration and Education
“I have an idea” 

April Moscati

Special Needs Specialist

Cassandra Garcia

Creative Kid Magnet
“Is it tickly or prickly?”
“No, It’s pickle  -ly!”

Jasmine Coates

The Farm Queen

Daylin Ross

Calm and Cool

“except around cockroaches”

Samantha Gibson

Patient and Kind

Bill Trautman

The Quiet One
“I am always outside of the box”

Associate Adventure Guides

Ben Forte

The Snake Untangler

Jon Trautman

Animals are the best


Need to find out more about a possible event date or ask about a booking? Contact us by filling out the form below or give us a call at 410-692-9299 or 1-800-584-1340 (toll free). 

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